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Our Services

10 Point Visual Inspection

Visual inspection of equipment before wash cycle. Customers will be informed of worn or defective parts.

Offer of Replacement or Repair Services

We offer replacement or repair services at a nominal charge.

Wheelchair Loan

Wheelchair for loan while yours been clean and disinfected, at no charge depending on availability.

RFID Tagging

For contractual customers, we provide RFID Tagging to monitor the Disinfected equipment.

(Feature Coming Soon!)


For all kinds of
mobility equipment

Enhanced disinfection
with UV light

40 litres of water
used per wash

(Except motorised equipment)

Learn more about the cleaning and disinfecting process here

Manual VS Automated Cleaning

Fast, focused and standardized cleaning procedure

Definite plus for Accreditation Requirements

Environmentally friendly using only 40 litres of water and 1.4 kwh electricity (0.25cts) per cycle wash

Capacity for large volumes without increasing staff

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