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Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager

Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager

This Elderly Wireless SOS Alarm Pager is a simple way to allow your loved ones to call for help around the house when necessary. It consists of a main receiver unit and two SOS call buttons. When help is required, the user simply presses the SOS call button, which sounds the alarm via the main receiver unit to alert the caregiver.

    Designed for users who may need to call for help Fully battery-operated and portable 2 SOS buttons can be carried around or placed in common areas Once SOS call button is pressed, there is sound, vibration and LED light to notify caregiver Main receiver unit can be brought around easily by caregiver, includes a clip

    Distance: Up to 40 meters Strong signal passes through walls 50 different alert sounds to choose from Main receiver unit: Volume can be adjusted, option to turn On/Off Size of main receiver unit: 9 x 6 x 2 cm Battery type (included): 2 x CR2016 (SOS call buttons) and 2 x AAA (receiver unit) 1 main receiver unit can be paired with up to 20 call buttons 1 call button can be paired with up to 20 main receiver units
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