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Anti-Slip Stickers (Circles) - Clear

Anti-Slip Stickers (Circles) - Clear

Made in the UK, Tenura Anti-Slip Bath Floor Adhesives are a simple yet effective solution to prevent falls in the bathroom and other areas prone to getting wet. Simply apply these adhesives directly to the floor surface to create an anti-slip surface instantly.

    Self-adhesive shaped strips/circles with unique non-slip surface Can be used as soon as they are applied to surface Does not harbor bacteria like regular bath mats; more hygienic and easy to clean Suitable for use on baths, shower trays, frequently wet floor and any areas that need a non-slip solution

    To apply, clean the floor surface and ensure it is dry before applying the adhesives. Each piece should be spaced between 1-3 inches apart and applied to the area that is commonly used (walking or standing). Each step should contact with at least 2 pieces to achieve a good anti-slip grip. Made in the UK Length of Roll: 3m Available types: Strips (200mm x 20mm) or Circles (40mm diameter) Number of pieces in each roll: Approx 30 pieces of strips, or 72 pieces of circles Duration of use: If maintained well, can be used for 2-3 years
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