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HealthSafe Pte Ltd provides Deep Cleaning and Disinfection services of medical devices such as Wheelchairs, Commodes, Mobility Devices, Carts and Trolleys that are common vehicle transmission of nosocomial infection when they are commonly shared by patients in the hospital or nursing homes.


Next Generation Protection for New Generation of Germs

Importance of Sanitising
Mobility Equipment


The transmission of nosocomial infection is due to common vehicle transmission when medical devices such as wheelchairs, commodes and mobility aids are commonly shared by patients in the wards.


HAIs* are an increasingly significant problems in hospitals and healthcare facilities. A comprehensive study commissioned by MOH from July 2015 to Feb 2016 found that 11.9 percent or more than 1 in 9 caught an infection while being treated for other conditions.


Sanitizing reduces the growth of viruses, fungi and types of harmful bacteria. Sanitizing has always been important but during the current pandemic, it’s more important than ever.

*Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) are defined as an infection acquired in hospital by a patient who was admitted for another reason. For patients with already weakened immune systems. HAIs can lead to prolonged recovery periods and even deaths.

We conduct batch testing of equipment after disinfection with the ATP Cleaning Verification System.

ATP Cleaning Verification System

Cleaning Verification System

SystemSURE Plus.png

Patient health depends on the effectiveness of your cleaning procedure. Visual clean or using fluorescent gels is no longer a sufficient method to verify clean… you need a quantitative and scientific method. The Hygiena™ SystemSURE Plus™ rapid ATP cleaning verification system quantifies your cleaning outcomes in 15 seconds and provides a measurable result that can help you take effective corrective action to improve cleaning outcomes, reduce HAI and increase insurance reimbursement rates.

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